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Yeah, so I'm Jackson. I guess you're curious about me since you came to this page. I hope this page makes you like me more...I need friends. I was born in Alton, IL., and that's probably why I had a mullet as a child. It's about 20 miles north of St. Louis. You could literally see the Arch from my neighborhood . My dad lived in downtown and south St. Louis so that is where I spent weekends as a kid. I could always hear the fireworks as Busch, which was in walking distance, so yeah, I'm a Cardinals fan. I grew up playing baseball, but switched over to hockey in high school. I played for ISU as I worked on my master's degree, and once got a penalty for not so subtly flipping off another team's bench. I got in my first fight in a long time last year and simultaneously punched two twin brothers in the face. It was epic. I have a competitive switch, and it flips when I'm on the ice. Otherwise, I am really laid back.

My wife and I moved to Blo-No 9 years ago so I could go to grad school. I did. I graduated. I don't really even use the degree. I have a photography business, JAX Photography (www.photographybyjax.com), and I mostly shoot weddings, mountain biking, skateboarding, and pro hockey. I occasionally shoot a senior photo or a team banner, but there is only so much time in the day so I stick mostly with weddings.

Those of you who listen to I-Rock regularly know that I am a health and fitness NUT. Some would say I'm obsessive, but it only makes sense to me to know and do as much as humanly possible to ensure good health - mental and physical. I mostly power lift, and have put on about 35 pounds of muscle mass since starting at I-Rock. I also Olympic lift and Crossfit. I only have basic cable and only watch it during the World Series. Otherwise, I'll sometimes watch Netflix (Hell on Wheels, Walking Dead, Friday Night Lights, Arrested Development, Trailer Park Boys), but you can usually find me with my nose in a book, and the book is usually about conspiracy theories, health and fitness, the outdoors, or history.

There are a few things other than working out and reading that I like to do. I mountain bike. I mostly dirt jump since elevation change in Illinois is practically zero. When I get the chance though, I love big-mountain riding with huge gaps, big step ups, gigantic table tops, and ridiculous drops. I also love guns. I love everything about them. I like how they feel, I like the smell of gunpowder, I like how they blow clay pigeons to smithereens, I like how the look, I like how loud they are, I like that people are afraid of them, and most of all, I like shooting them. All of them - rifles, pistols, shotguns - it doesn't matter.

I've been married for 6 years and with my wife for 13. We've never had a fight...seriously. We really are best friends so we never put each other in a situation which might cause an argument. I have two adopted dogs. Both are mutts, and both are awesome.

Finally, the compulsory list of I-Rock artists that I like: Megadeth, Slayer, Metallica, Volbeat, AC/DC, Guns n' Roses, Motley Crue, Cage the Elephat, Dio, Rage Against the Machine, Smashing Pumpkins. Non-I-Rock artists that I dig - The Roots, Talib Kweli, Modest Mouse, Nelly, Built to Spill, The Shins, Adventure Club, Skrillex, At the Drive In, and MORE!

Love Twin Cities
Aaron Kober Illustration and Design
1. I Am Machine
2. Rebellion
3. Something Different
4. The Only Way Out
5. Figure It Out
6. Gotta Get Away
7. Wrong Side of Heaven
8. Play Ball
9. Same Damn Life
10. I Don't Want To Be Here Anymore
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