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Promo Cam
Promo Cam
He works Promotions!

Well, it looks like you've stumbled across the Promo Cam biography page and with that, you find out more about me: Promo Cam. I've been here at I-ROCK since 2011 and took over as the Promotions Director last year. I have taken on the nickname "The Count" since I am horrible at Math and tend to forget simple numbers.

I've been in the media business since 2006 and have worked in both radio and television along the way. I'm still learning new things everyday and I'm glad I get to work with some cool people.

I am from Lincoln, Illinois and I go back often to visit my family and friends and to help my Dad on the family farm. I graduated from ISU and love to head back to campus and catch every Redbird sporting event I can. I'm a proud ISU alum, just ask anybody who knows me!

I am heavily involved with high school athletics, both in the middle of the action and behind the scenes. I am the public address announcer for many area high school sports. I also referee high school basketball, which keeps me busy the whole season. I am also a member of the National Association of Sports Officials...yes, a lot of high school athletics!

My family and I are big St. Louis sports fans. We love the Cardinals and have had season tickets to the Rams since they came to St. Louis (they WILL win another Super Bowl someday...I guarantee it) If you go to the Dome in St. Louis, my name is on the wall of original Season Ticket Holders!

Jackson tends to give me dating advice as long as I accept it and he loves our daily conversations.

I like a good glass of bourbon, riding in hot air balloons, Carrie Underwood, expensive cars, Katy Perry, places that serve up good BBQ and the TV show Dallas.

I have quite the collection of neck ties and polo shirts. Chandler and Jackson think I am a 50 year old trapped in a 20 something's body...they could be right!

Love Twin Cities
Aaron Kober Illustration and Design
1. I Am Machine
2. Rebellion
3. Something Different
4. The Only Way Out
5. Figure It Out
6. Gotta Get Away
7. Wrong Side of Heaven
8. Play Ball
9. Same Damn Life
10. I Don't Want To Be Here Anymore
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